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Business Plan

Are you looking business funding, buying your partner, or getting a new partner or investor? Present new business opportunities to internal management? Sell your business and get the best price?
If so, a Business Plan gives you the strategic leverage you need to help differentiate your business from the rest of the business community.
Making a Move
Looking to expand your business, move into new markets, or move out of existing market segments entirely. The Business Plan is all about getting strategic; that is, digging deeper in your business objectives, exploring your business strategies, and creating a plan to achieve your goals.
Our Senior Consultant will work with you to help document a customised future strategy for your business. You can leverage the strategic experience of experienced Consultants to map your business objectives.
Preparing a strategic business plan can be time-consuming and stressful, particularly if you’re doing it on your own. It’s difficult when you don’t have a trusted adviser who can challenge your thinking, work collaboratively, and help you decide what’s important and what’s not. Our Business Plan service is designed to help you navigate the development of a strategic plan, do all the hard work writing and formatting the plan. At Danfil, the Principle is an experience business man and was awarded as the Young Entrepreneur.
Success comes from PLANNING; Let us help you to compile your business plan. We will brainstorm with you on your direction, automatically assemble your data and construct a plan for your business.
Your Business Plans will help you and your management team to:

  • Achieve consensus and commitment to an agreed direction and purpose
  • Select, specify and prioritise your short and long term goals
  • Structure your business to capitalise on current and future market trends and opportunities
  • Streamline your administration and computer systems to changing needs of your organisation
  • Evaluate and plan future investment, infrastructure and facilities decisions
  • Appraise and develop strategic alliances with suppliers and potential joint venture partners
  • Plan and organise funding to meet your current, seasonal and long term cash flow requirements

Your Business Plan will document your direction, objectives and strategies with supporting organisational charts, cash flows, budgets, action plans and appendices as required. Once the initial document has been developed, we can provide you with ongoing reviews and implementation support on a monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis.
What does it cost?
A Basic Business Plan costs starts at $1997.00

Why Wait?
Give us a call and we shall get started from our first Phone Call. To achieve success ACT Today and call us Now!


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