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Danfil Financial Services
Danfil Financial Services

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Our financial planning philosophy is always based on placing our clients’ best interests above anything else. We will take the time to understand You – your situation, your needs and your aspirations. Then we help you define your financial goals, and your vision of a secure financial future. And then, working side by side, we will develop a financial plan which will help you achieve your goals.

Our Financial Planners work within APL of thier Dealer Groups. They can provide strategic wealth advice in all areas of financial Planning, we Assist clients to build and protect their personal wealth. This can be achieved through cash flow management, Investment strategies, use of structures for control, Risk protection to assist clients to achieve their lifestyle Goals and financial security.

Are authorised to, and specialise in giving personal Advice in the following disciplines:

  • Wealth Creation
  • Corporate Superannuation
  • Personal and Employer Superannuation
  • Investment and Retirement Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Personal Insurances
  • Business Insurances
  • Succession Planning
  • Tax Effective Investments
  • Securities (Shares and Managed Funds)
  • Portfolio Review Service

General Advice Warning

The information contained within this email is of a general nature only. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the material, Daniel Reddy and Danfil Financial Services will not bear responsibility or liability for any action taken by any person, persons, or organisation on the purported basis of information contained herein. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no person, persons or organisation should invest monies or take action on reliance of the material contained herein but instead should satisfy themselves independently of the appropriateness of such action.


Life Insurance Plans

Life insurance plans can provide a lump sum benefit that can be used in many ways, such as:

  • paying off the mortgage or any other debts
  • funeral costs
  • child care or home help, or
  • provide an investment reserve to generate future income for their family and other dependants.


Two life insurance plan types:

  • Life Insurance Plan
  • Life Insurance Superannuation Plan

Total and permanent disability (TPD) plan types that can help you clients cope financially and maintain your quality of life if you become totally and permanently disabled:

  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Any Occupation
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Own Occupation
  • Activities of Daily Living Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Any Occupation within Superannuation
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Own Occupation within Superannuation

Trauma insurance plans:

Trauma Insurance Plan
Trauma Insurance Plus Plan
Trauma Insurance Plan covers defined trauma events. These include cancer, coronary artery surgery, heart attack and stroke. It pays a lump-sum benefit, which you can use for:

  • rehabilitation and recovery costs
  • refitting your home or relocating to more suitable accommodation
  • paying off outstanding debts or providing an ongoing income
  • a professional career, or
  • enabling your partner or family member to reduce their working hours to look after them.


Contact us by email for a life Insurance quote.


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